About Us

We believe in stating the obvious…especially when we’re talking about Arizona.

We love our home state, but sometimes it needs an introduction. A disclaimer, if you will. The traits that make Arizona so endearing can also be deterrents. We love fall, winter and spring here (indistinguishably called the glory days) but summer is another beast. It sorts out true Arizonans from the rest. IT’S SO HOT.

So, stay cool. Obvious, right? But we say it all the time anyway. That’s why shaded parking spots are like gold here. We’re just trying to save you from getting your hands scorched on a steering wheel or yelping in pain when you touch the seat belt. As Arizonans, we also know the importance of hydration and staying on the trail when hiking. 

Whether you’re lifelong local, recent transplant or just visiting your sister in Scottsdale, we’re glad you’re here! We’re a family-owned company who believes in cultivating community and using business in a positive way. We want to bring everyone together with fun – and yes, obvious – sayings that lighten the mood and celebrate our state.